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Fun Themes for an Engagement Party at Home

Hosting an engagement party at home seems like a no-brainer, in my opinion. I don’t know how you feel about engagement parties but I’m sort of indifferent. I don’t find them completely necessary but I get the intent behind them (and I love them). Engagement parties can be sort of confusing, though. For instance, do you get the couple an engagement gift and a wedding gift? Are out of town guests expected to attend an engagement party and the wedding?

Emily Post answers some of those questions in this article and even though I’m not completely sold on the idea, an engagement is the PERFECT time to celebrate and have a party.

When I got engaged, we didn’t have a ‘real’ engagement party. Instead, we discussed having our engagement party at home and it was great. No one felt the pressure to bring a gift and it wasn’t fancy and no family was involved. It was totally low-key, just like we wanted it.

If you’re thinking about hosting an engagement party at home, do it! Even better? Pick a theme. I think theme parties are the best – not just for engagement parties. They help you (me) reel in the crazy, off-the-wall ideas by just focusing on whatever the theme is.

To help you not get crazy overwhelmed with ideas, I picked five engagement party themes that will work perfectly for hosting at home. The theme that John and I chose is also listed. Keep scrolling to see what it was.

Host your engagement party at home

Champagne + Dessert – There’s nothing more celebratory than champagne and this is a theme I’m familiar with because I hosted a birthday party one year with this theme. I think this is the perfect theme for an engagement party at home. Everyone was will be on a sugar high while sipping champagne. I’d suggest having a range of desserts from cookies to pieces of chocolate and maybe even an ice cream bar. Ice cream bars are totally hands-off and doesn’t have to be manned by the hosts. Perhaps even give out little bags of candy as guests are leaving to really lean in on the dessert theme. Here’s a recipe for one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes and a little inspiration.

Campfire/Glamping theme – Hear me out: this could be a really cool theme especially if you have a backyard. You don’t have to serve hamburgers and hotdogs unless, of course, you want to but there are other options. If you’d like to elevate it a bit, you can serve “fancy” hotdogs like duck sausages or something. I like Al Fresco’s flavors for sausages like sundried tomato chicken sausage or their roasted red pepper sausage. Grab some homemade buns from your local bakery and set up a station in your backyard and let guests DIY it. Make a big batch of a strong, smoky drink, like something with scotch or you can do a smoke-infused cocktail. Obviously, s’mores should be part of this party. If you have a bonfire going, let folks roast their own marshmallows and setup a s’more station with all of the fixings: chocolate, Nutella, caramel, fruit and maybe even some jam.

Pizza + Prosecco – This was the theme John and I landed on for our faux engagement party. I initially tried this party idea with a few girlfriends years ago when I lived in Atlanta and it was a lot of fun. For our girls night, we made our own pizzas while we sipped prosecco cocktails. Fast forward a few years, John and I decided to take the lazy route by ordering pizzas and providing the prosecco. Guests bought bottles as well. This is such a fun idea whether you decide to bake your own pizzas or order delivery.

Backyard BBQ – Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? And even better than a simple backyard barbecue? Take your theme to the next level by making it a bourbon and bbq themed engagement party. Order a few items from your favorite BBQ restaurant, set it out on nice platters and done! I’m a huge fan of big batch drinks so grab your favorite punch bowl (it’s on sale!) and make a large batch of a bourbon beverage.

Weekend brunch – Last but not least, a brunch engagement party. I love brunch so I’m a little biased but having friends over for a weekend brunch seems like the perfect party theme. You could have a mimosa and bellini bar with a variety of juices and fruits – we all know brunch isn’t complete with a mimosa. You can serve family style breakfast bites like biscuits, waffles (cut into quarters), bacon and a coffee station for those who need a little caffeine pick-me-up. John and I almost served breakfast at our wedding – that’s how much I love breakfast food.

Are you planning or hosting an engagement party soon? Share your photos and ideas using the hashtag #HostessWithMimosas on Instagram.


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