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Elements of a Charcuterie Board

If you ask me, charcuterie is one the best and easiest appetizers to put together. Whether you’re ordering it at a restaurant or serving it at home, it’s such a great snack option. Is a charcuterie board a weird thing for me to be crazy about? Maybe it is but here’s why:

No one charcuterie board is ever the same.

It’s the perfect mix of saltiness + lots of different textures.

Charcuterie boards can be as large or small as your heart desires.

Your charcuterie board at home may not be as rich and bountiful as your favorite restaurant’s but there are still a few key elements to follow if you want to have a memorable charcuterie board.

Elements of a charcuterie board

Mix up the textures: Everything on your board doesn’t have to be crunchy or soft. It’s OK to have a few crackers on your board (I love these). If you’re feeling extra fancy for your soft texture, you could try pâté. Personally, pâté is not my thing but it is a food that some enjoy on their boards.

Have something salty: Whether it’s salty olives or a delicious prosciutto, salt always wakes up your taste buds.

Don’t forget the garnishes: No one wants a boring board so an easy way to make your charcuterie board appear like it’s fresh out of a restaurant is to add a few garnishes. Rosemary, thyme, nuts, lemons – anything works, really.

Say yes to cheese: Creamy cheeses, sharp cheeses, moldy funky cheeses – whatever you like.


(Need a few ideas for charcuterie serving dishes? Keep scrolling for a few shoppable items.)


What to serve on your charcuterie board.

Meat – prosciutto, salami, sausages, smoked ham – anything cured.

Veggies – pickles are great (and perfect for mixing up textures), olives, pickled carrots.

Extras – mustards (I love spicy mustards), nuts (adds crunch), toasted bread (perfect to spread things on), crackers, seasonal fruits, jams.

Oh! We can’t forget about beverages that pair well with charcuterie boards, right? I love a good cocktail but when it comes to charcuterie, I think wine is perfect. I prefer something bubbly like a glass of champagne or Lambrusco. Honestly, I don’t think you go can wrong here – even beer would be fine. I’m not a beer expert so I don’t have any recommendations, do you?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to serving a charcuterie board at home. Hopefully this guide inspires you to serve charcuterie at your next party. When you do, share a photo on Instagram using the hashtag, #HostessWithMimosas.

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